10 years in the making


The former Salvation Army Hall (Music Palace) in Crouch End, North London has been transformed into a dynamic new cultural venue that will tear down the perceived fourth wall between genres of Art that currently exist in isolation, confined to their own specific buildings. By challenging the status quo that divides our cultural landscape, we hope to attract a mixed audience where class, race, gender, sexuality and religion can be celebrated and discussed in an open minded, creative atmosphere. We aim  to develop new and classic works that reflect the multi-cultural and multi-faceted nature of city life. We are committed to collaborating with actors, writers, directors, filmmakers and investors from the vast array of diversity that reflect our lives and our communities.

By mixing the world of film, fine art, live music, discussion groups, theatre, live streaming, workshops, dance, comedy and whatever else that inspires, we strive to create a unique hub in North London for both Artists to feel at home in and lovers of art to be thoroughly entertained in.