10 years in the making

Location and opening times

Where is your cinema?

We are 159A tottenham lane, Crouch End, N8 9BT. We are opposite the Hornsey YMCA and the Texaco garage. It’s a funky looking building, I’d like to say you can’t miss it but people do and they walk into the Picturehouse… Silly humans!

What time do you open and close?

We’ll be open 30minutes before the first film of the day. We call last orders at 11:30pm to kick you out at the stroke of midnight!


Where are the toilets?

The ladies are on the left as you come through the door and gents are on the right, though the red door and then they’re on your left.

Do you have disabled access?

We do! On the right of the building we have a ramp up to some doors and you’re in. From there access to both screens are easy as pie.


Do you do the Compare the Meerkat 241?


Do you do refunds?

Full refunds will be given (minus any booking fees paid) up to 48 hours before the show time. Tickets will not be refunded if less than 48 hours’ notice is given, best we can do in that instance is try to resell the tickets, easier to do for the sell-out shows!

Do you have a disabled discount?

We do! If you are a CEA cardholder  you will get a free ticket for a carer to accompany you.

Do you have student discount?

Yep! We’ve got a student membership card which is £10 and you get 2 Free tickets (Use it at the weekend and it more than pays for itself!) or on Mondays, tickets are £5 all day!

What’s Babes in Arms?

Babes in arms is our parents and babies screening. You can bring your lil’ bubba down and enjoy the latest films, safe in the knowledge no one will mind if he/she cries or needs to go for a crawl down at the front! If you could leave your buggies in the cafe though, we’ll look after them for you 😀

Do you take American Express?


Why don’t you answer the phone?

During busy periods we’re unable to answer the phone because priority is placed on customers in the venue, if you’re calling during business hours, we’ll certainly do our best to answer the phone as and when. The phone is only for general enquiries, you can’t buy tickets over the phone.


My membership expired, but I didn’t use all my free tickets. Can you extend my membership so I can use them?

No, when purchasing a membership you need to use those free tickets in the year period. You’ll be given a little email a couple weeks before it’s due to expire so you can renew if you like or as a reminder to plot in those free tickets!

Can I bring a baby?

Depends, is it cute? We have special screenings called Babes in Arms and you can bring a baby to these without a worry.

For films other than those special screenings, U & PG certificates will likely be fine, in the case of 12A’s, a child friendly film will be fine, something like Childhood of a Leader, probably not!

In all cases it’s the Duty Managers discretion and if your bundle of joy starts to become a bundle of crying noises, we ask that you promptly leave the screen and do what mama’s and papa’s gotta do!

Out of curiosity…

Can I use your printer?


Can I come in and use your wifi?

Sure, but we are a business, please don’t treat us like your living room

Can I bring my own food in?

No, we can only have insurance on items we provide, should you choke on your gluten-free crackers, we won’t have any liability to compensate you with!

How do I join or leave the email list?

There is a link at the bottom of this page where you can pop in your email address. You’ll then get an email asking you to confirm subscription. You can expect a weekly email on Wednesday letting you know whats coming up and then in the last week of a month, we send another one with highlights of the upcoming month. If ever you want to leave the newsletter, there is a link at the bottom of an email, simply click unsubscribe and you’re free Genie!

Can I have your posters?

No! I want them!

Can I use your photocopier?