10 years in the making


The latest rendition of Medea from the National Theatre is just on the horizon, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting performances of 2014!

We’ve had some fantastic reviews, interviews and production details come through, so here are just 6 of the most exciting reasons to check out Medea this September.

1.) A fresh, modern dressed, re-imagining of Euripides’ classic

It’s an electrifying production and is accessible to all audiences – this isn’t how audiences might expect to see Greek drama, and they will be very pleasantly surprised. There’s really nothing to be scared of, and nothing that won’t be easily understood by modern audiences.

2.) Entirely in contemporary English

“Ben Power’s adaptation of Euripides’ powerful tragedy is based on several literal translations but the play has been re-written to make the language muscular, the story clear and accessible.”

3.) Magic, horror and Medea: a disturbance in nature


4.) Goldfrapp wrote the music

Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp have written the music which is going to really open this production up to their fanbase as well as the more traditional audiences. Read the BBC article here.

‘The score by Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp gets right under your skin’


5.) ‘Helen McCrory gives the performance of her career’

Chek out an exclusive interview with her right here

Thrilling and merciless. Helen McCrory, gives the performance of her career
Daily Telegraph


Helen McCrory triumphs. A piercing, painful vision of passion and betrayal
Evening Standard


6.) Dynamic, vibrant, ecclectic set design

Tom Scutt’s design creates a world that combines the contemporary with the magical; the strict patriarchal society clashes with the woodland anarchic. Strong influences include horror films in which there’s a belief in magic and a focus on the other: The ShiningAmityville HorrorCarrie. The imagery of Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia and its examination of marriage and depression at a time when the world might be ending has become an important reference point for the production.

Watch the Medea trailer below:

Medea will play at ArtHouse Thursday 4 Sep 2014, 7:00pm