10 years in the making

If you’re a Remain supporter, you’re in for a treat as we’re screening the full-length documentary, Postcards from the 48% – even if you’re not, this a topic of key and vital interest to huge numbers of people in every town and city and therefore essential viewing!


Acclaimed producer/director, David Nicholas Wilkinson, founder of Guerrilla Films, has been working hard for over a year to produce a film to represent ‘the story, feelings and reasons’ of the 48% who voted for Remain in the referendum.


With a small team of dedicated supporters, and on an eye-watering tight budget, David has travelled the country to epitomise the perspective of over 16 million Britons – the 48% – who cherish Britain’s membership of the EU.


David said: “My hope for the film is that Leave voters will watch it, see the facts and ultimately change their minds about the way they voted. Also, after the vote many people from overseas said to me ‘why did you vote that way, why has the UK done this?’ and I think we should get the message out that millions and millions of Britons did not vote Leave.


This brilliant film tells the story of many people who were left feeling angry, frustrated & cheated and are passionate about trying to stop one of the biggest mistakes the UK has made in its history.