10 years in the making

Sculpting Time is a season of films celebrating the work of iconic Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky.
ArtHouse will present new, digitally restored versions of his seven feature films over seven weeks, and all in chronological order.
To celebrate the opening of this incredible season we are offering 2-4-1 tickets for the first film, the 1962 classic Ivan’s Childhood.
When Nazi invaders destroy his Russian village and kill his family, 12-year-old Ivan is placed in a German prison camp.
Ivan escapes from the camp and crosses back over to Russia, and comes under the care of Capt. Kholin, who wants to send him to military school.
The boy refuses, requesting that he be allowed to use his powers of stealth to return to Germany to spy on the Nazis and avenge the killing of his family.
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