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Next film quiz Tuesday 28th April at 8pm.

Come along and test your knowledge of all things celluloid (and digital) to be crowned as the supreme cinephiles of Crouch End. There’s no entry fee and each member of the winning team will receive two free tickets to any film.

Max 4 people per team.

Due to high demand teams must now reserve their spot by emailing

In 2017, Kim Jong-nam—the half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un—was assassinated in the bustling departures hall of Malaysia’s international airport. The spectacularly brazen murder happened in broad daylight, filmed entirely by security cameras.


Footage showed two young women approaching Jong-nam from behind, covering his eyes with their hands, and pressing VX—the mostlethal nerve gas on earth—into his eyes. He stumbled away and was dead within an hour.


But if the murder was extreme, the story that came next was even more bizarre:

The two women who killed Jong-nam claimed they had simply been hired to pull a video prank and had no idea what they were really doing.


The Malaysian government scoffed, arrested and imprisoned the women and put them on trial for murder, facing execution. But was their outlandish story actually the truth? And would anyone believe them?


Assassins, the latest from director Ryan White, travels from the sanctums of Pyongyang to the rice fields of Indonesia and Vietnam to the courtrooms of Kuala Lumpur to tell an extraordinary tale of manipulation and subterfuge in the age of social media.


A masterful investigation that offers an unprecedented look at the real story of Kim Jong-nam’s murder, Assassins is the wildly improbable tale of a calculating dictator, a nefarious plot, a very public murder, and two women fighting for their lives.


As London moves into Tier 3 tonight, it is with great sadness that we must close our doors once again.


We would like to thank all our amazing customers for coming back to us and having faith in us that we have done everything we can to make our venue as Covid-safe as possible.


As you will know if you come to The Arthouse, we have physically taken out half the seats in both screens to improve social distancing. The layout does look very strange, but we know it’s safer and more comfortable for you. We have put in sanitizing stations and installed screens at the till points for both customers and staff. We also added a ledge to the bar to keep customers and staff as far away from each other as possible.


We have longer times between films so staff can thoroughly clean all areas and we have put up signs for mask wearing inside and outside the screens.


It has been a very challenging year for everyone, and we look forward to things improving in 2021.


In the meantime, we wish you all safe & healthy holidays and hope to see you back in the screens very soon!


More than 100 of the best adventure, travel and extreme sports films hand-picked for you from around the world




The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has a well earned reputation for being a friendly festival, welcoming everyone whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast or an armchair adventurer who just loves a good story.


As well as watching films, you can share a ShAFF beer with adventure sports athletes and filmmakers in the bar, check out the exhibitors area in the Outpost, take inspiration from our free ShED Talks or get involved in a range of outdoor activities. And that’s just ShAFF. Since Sheffield re-branded itself a few years ago as The Outdoor City the weekend has become the UK’s biggest weekend on the outdoor calendar. The Outdoor Weekender boasts ShAFF, the Climbing Works International Festival (one of the biggest bouldering competitions in the world), The Magnificent 7 (a road cycling race taking in 7 of Sheffield’s toughest hills), The Howard Street Duel (mountain bikes racing two at a time through Sheffield City Centre) and plenty more besides.


Each summer Festival Director Matt Heason starts watching the hundreds and hundreds of films which are submitted to ShAFF. It’s a labour of love. Around one hundred make the Official Selection each year. Matt’s more than happy to give feedback on any films that don’t make the final cut and we’re particularly keen to work with producers to bring new talent to the screen, including young, up and coming directors, local producers and female filmmakers.


We publish the official programme in January and unlike most other festivals we announce the winners the week before the festival. We want to give the audience the chance to see if they agree with our panel of judges. We do this with a cutting edge scoring system which people can use immediately after their film sessions have ended.


Great value – One ticket buys you a multi-film screening so you can see several films in one hit. Passionate about your sport? Then try our specialist selections. Want a high energy hit? Then book our Adrenaline showing. Fancy inspiration and escapism? Go for ‘Sprit of Adventure’. There’s also our Adventure Bites session, a highly discounted hour long loop of films which you can dip into at any time of the weekend to get a taster of what it’s all about.


Family friendly – our Young Adventurer showings sell out, and we now certificate the whole programme which has made it much more friendly to under 18s.


Getting there’s easy – We’re just across the road from the mainline train station with regular services to the Peak District, Manchester and the UK, there are also local buses, trams and a plenty of nearby car-parks.



We receive a kickback on each ticket purchase, thank you for your support!

The theatre industry across the UK has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and most theatres have had to remain closed since March 2020.


Thankfully, you can still see the best of British theatre here at the Arthouse and tickets for NT Live productions are only £10!


We are currently showing, War Horse, Hansard, All My Sons, Fleabag, Cyrano De Bergerac, A View From The Bridge and Frankenstein. These are all award winning and critically acclaimed productions which you can now see at your local independent venue!


Book your £10 seats here!