10 years in the making



I live and work in London. After studying in New York I began painting outside in the early 2000’s. In 2010 I went into a Bonhams Old Masters sale, bought a 200 year old oil painting and set about erasing it. My work is concerned with erasure, creative destruction, censorship, and how images are transformed when viewed on screen.


I take original artwork (not prints or multiples) created by other artists and change parts of them. The result is both destructive and creative; a forced collaboration, iconoclasm and graffiti.

-Paul Stephenson, 2014




adidas No 6, launch of shoe collaboration, 2009

Stolenspace Summer group show 2012

Stolenspace Autumn group show 2012

Sotheby’s ‘Follow Your Art’, September 2012

Pertwee Anderson & Gold, ‘Memento Mori’ 2013

Stolenspace ‘Seven’ 2013

Stolenspace ‘Saints and Sinners’ 2014

Stolenspace ‘Sceptrum’ 2015