WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF by Albee ; Directed by James MacDonald ; Designed by Tom Pye ; at the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, UK ; 21 February 2017 ; Credit : Johan Persson /

If you missed the live streamed performance of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, we are showing an evening encore on 31st May. Ticket prices cheaper too!


Imelda Staunton – after her award-winning turns in Sweeney Todd and Gypsy – has propelled herself into the ‘national treasure’ stratosphere in recent years. Now she takes on another classic female role of the American canon.


Here are what some of the critics have said:


“Staunton is not one of your big, blowsy Marthas built on Elizabeth Taylor lines”, explains Michael Billington (Guardian★★★★★), eyes brimming with fearful tears, “but a pocket fighter who shows from the start that she enjoys humiliating George and also relishes his occasional comebacks.”


Mark Shenton (The Stage, ★★★★★) concurs. “Nobody mines alternating notes of fury and desolation as Imelda Staunton does”, he writes. “Nor strikes such opposing forces of resilience and hopelessness.”


Paul Taylor (Independent★★★★★), quivering in a ball on the floor, goes further. For him, Staunton’s performance is “one of the greatest feats of acting I have witnessed.”