10 years in the making

Black Mother – 2nd November

From red light districts to lush rain-forests, ‘Black Mother’ is a loving and

lyrical ode to Jamaica and its people, a visual poem that is at once deeply felt

love letter and ecstatic street-corner prayer.

Widows – 6th November

Four women in Chicago have nothing in common except for the fact that they’re ‘Widows’,

and their dead husbands’ criminal activities have left behind debts that need to be paid.

Peterloo – 2nd November

In 1819, British forces charge on a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s

Field in Manchester, England, which results in the Peterloo Massacre. 

Some Like It Hot – 2nd November

When two male musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an allfemale

band disguised as women, but further complications set in.

Shoplifters – 23rd November

A family of small-time crooks take in a child they find on the street. Winner of Palme d’Or and nominated for several best film awards, it is Japan’s 4th highest grossing film of 2018

Disobedience – 30th November

A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her for her attraction to a female childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality.

Suspiria – 16th November

A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe’s artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist.

Back to Berlin  – 23rd November

Eleven modern-day Jewish bikers set out on a journey from Tel-Aviv to Berlin to deliver the Maccabi torch to Hitler’s infamous 1936 Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremony of the 2015 European Maccabiah Games.

The Wild Pear Tree – 30th November

An aspiring writer returns to his native village, where his father’s debts catch up to him. Nominated for the Palme d’Or in 2018.