10 years in the making


A young man is walking down a suburban street, joking with someone on the phone about how he always gets lost because all the streets sound the same. A car passes him, turns around, and slowly starts following him. It’s an otherwise empty street, so the guy knows something is wrong. Suddenly, and perfectly staged in terms of Peele’s direction, the intensity of the situation is amplified and we are thrust into a world in which the safe-looking suburbs are anything but.


Director, Jordan Peele, has made a horror movie that keeps you permanently uneasy. He fills it with small, surreal images that set you on edge. As it progresses the story becomes more and more bizarre, eventually reaching something completely mad, but Peele’s laid the path so carefully that it works in context. 


Starring British actor, Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out has now earned more than $100 million at the box office, making Peele the first African-American writer-director to pass that threshold with his debut feature film.


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