Blind Ambition

Programme Type: Film|Length: 96 mins| Cert:

Having escaped starvation and tyranny in their homeland of Zimbabwe, four friends have conquered the odds to become South Africa’s top sommeliers. Driven by relentless optimism, a passion for their craft and an ingrained sense of national pride, they form Zimbabwe’s first national wine tasting team and set their sights on the coveted title of ‘World Wine Tasting Champions’. When this team of mavericks finally arrives in France to compete, they successfully turn an establishment of privilege and tradition on its head.

A truly heart-warming documentary that will show you just how unshakable the human spirit can be.

"The real joy of Blind Ambition is watching the strength and ambition in the team. How they not only changed the lives of themselves and their families, but also exposed the world to the untapped talent present in Zimbabwe." Jojo Ajisafe, Little White Lies


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