10 years in the making

The Zone Of Interest

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1943. Set in an austere, elegant villa whose garden shares a wall with the extermination camp at Auschwitz, the film focuses on a family of strivers, led by the commandant of Auschwitz (Christian Friedel), who see his position and the luxuries it provides them as a sign of their well-earned rise in society. The commandant’s wife (a chilling Sandra Hüller) understands full well how her privilege has been obtained, and she will fight any effort that would deny her access to the life she now enjoys. The Zone of Interest is a visceral indictment of our ability to ignore the evils from which we benefit.

Adapted from Martin Amis’s novel of the same name and written and directed by Jonathan Glazer

"The film is so well-made, so deliberately cautious about showing actual atrocities, that the imagination works overtime." Rex Reed, The Observer

Germany, 2023

German and Polish language with English subtitles.


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